Suddenlink Outage Information And How To Get It

This article was written in 2012 and appears to be getting a lot of traffic lately. I’ve double checked the information below to make sure it is still correct. With the impending quarantines all over the US, I’m sure a lot of people are concerned about not having internet.   -Aaron 03-21-2020

How to see if Suddenlink has an outage in your area

Please check this article first before you do anything I suggest below. It’s rare for an ISP to have an actual outage in a large area. It can happen, but you should not assume that it is an outage. Try to eliminate the simple things first.

Contact Suddenlink

The most reliable way to find out if Suddenlink has an outage in your area is to contact them directly and just ask.

Suddenlinks customer support number isn’t hidden, unlike a lot of other ISPs. Here it is to save you a few moments looking for it.


The best and fastest way to find out this information though is using their chat, which you can find on the page below:

Just click on that, enter your name, email, and zip code. Select “General Question” and enter your customer number. You can find your customer number by going to the login page at and clicking on “My Account” and then click on “Billing Options”. Your account number is right under your name.

Suddenlink Outage Map

Suddenlink does have an outage map, but it only really shows up on their site if something is down in your specific area. Typically it takes a while for them to report it there so the agents you contact over the phone or online might know about an outage before the indicator does on your account page.

To see it, just log in to your Suddenlink account at Under the “My Services” section there will be a line that indicates whether there’s an outage or not.

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