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  • Instagram Account Disabled – No Idea Why

    01/27/2023 – I’m writing this about five days after it happened. Just noting the day I started writing to give context. I also understand Instagram doesn’t typically give reasons why they do anything. Just wish I’d got a warning so I could remedy whatever was wrong before they just suspended my account. As the title […]

  • Total War: Warhammer III

    I haven’t written about video games in a while. Probably because I’ve been playing video games. A lot. My experience with the Total War franchise goes back to Medieval: Total War back in 2003 or so. Huge fan. I’ve played all the main Total War games except the Shogun games. When I found out Games […]

  • Rocketbook AXIS!

    I’ve been a Rocketbook user for a couple of years now. I bought the small notepad and the executive size notebook back in 2020, and have added a few more notebooks to my collection since. The notebooks have digitizable pages that you write on with erasable Pilot Frixion pens. The best part about them is […]

  • Halloween 2021 – Facts and Nonsense

    Halloween is not a Pagan Holiday Saw a great article today about Halloween’s origins and whether it is a pagan holiday or not. The article is by Tim O’Neill over at History For Atheists. Here’s a link: He goes into a lot more detail than I do in the blog posts I wrote back […]

  • The Possession at Church Camp – Church Stories

    This is one part writing exercise and one part self-administered therapy. My hope is not to offend anyone, but to shine a light on some of the stuff I experienced as an active church attendee, in hope that someone out there has had some similar experience an realizes they aren’t crazy. One of the many […]

  • Easter Holiday Origins – Geek of Faith Follow-up

    I wrote my Easter Holiday articles several years ago with the intention of debunking the worst of the stupid myths around the holiday. I read through them recently and didn’t see anything that stood out as incorrect after several years of being fascinated with the subject. I do have a speculation on the word ‘Easter’ […]

  • Personal Recipe Blogs and their problems

    I keep hearing on the various podcasts I listen to about complaints with recipe sites and how awful they are. This is a problem that needs to be solved. The issue is that if it’s a big site like Allrecipes, Epicurious or even a food manufacturer’s site like Pillsbury, the recipe is close to the […]

  • Demonization is Profitable

    I think I’ve written about this before. The idea that the more something gets demonized the more popular it becomes, and by extension the more profitable it becomes for the people who produce it. I’ve said repeatedly that if I ever buckle down and write a novel that I’d take five hundred copies and immediately […]

  • The Most Addictive Thing Ever Made By Man

    Some years ago, between 2002 and 2008 an American corporation developed the most addictive substance that’s ever been spread to the masses. It had me going to get a fix daily, sometimes twice a day. The rush was exquisite. As if crack, heroin and cannabis had been mixed together in a delivery system that went […]

  • Keeping Your Electronics Charged While Travelling- Product Updates for 2021

    I don’t travel so much by plane anymore. I do have a few really long road trips planned, and since those will be largely from California to Texas, there’s some hotel stays involved. In my previous article I wrote about reducing the weight of stuff you’re carrying and trying to only take up one outlet […]