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Over the past couple months I’ve been listening to some conspiracy theory podcasts. As purely a form of entertainment, what with current events. One particularly popular topic these days is that of vaccines, for obvious reasons. This isn’t an article that’s anti-vaccine or pro-vaccine, just one talking about where the word comes from.

On more than one of these shows I’ve heard that the word vaccine comes from some variation of ‘the encircling dragon’ or ‘serpent’. Then it just devolves into ‘everything is Lucifarian’ nonsense from there.

Word Origin of Vaccine

Before getting into why some people seem to think the word comes from something having to do with snakes, let’s talk about the actual etymology of ‘vaccine’.

It’s pretty simple. It was coined by Dr. Edward Jenner sometime around 1796 to describe his method of preventing smallpox by using cowpox. The word come from the Latin ‘vacca’ or ‘cow’ and the Latin ‘-inus’. The suffix inus has several specific meanings, but simply put it means ‘like’ or ‘made of’. So vaccine means “Like Cows” or “Made of Cow”.

The Latin term for cowpox is ‘variolae vaccinae’. The variant of cowpox Dr. Jenner made to use in his prophylactic treatment is called ‘vaccinia’. This is the long and short of how the word came into being, it was simply what the first vaccine was called.

Why do some conspiracy theorists think it means snake?

This is something that under normal circumstances is pretty easy to track down. Almost every time it’s a simple matter of a false cognate. Someone gets the root word incorrect and draws all kinds of irrational conclusions. Other times it’s a matter of someone taking a similar sounding word in say, Navajo, and substitutes it for the actual Latin word and Illuminati confirmed. See my articles on Easter for a great example of how this works in practice.

In this case I couldn’t find anything so concrete. I think someone just made it up to validate whatever other weird Luciferian theory they were pushing.

After a fair bit of investigation the closest thing I can find was when I just plugged the word “serpent” into Google translate. I got the words “serpentem vectem” back. I thought it probably meant something like “harassing snake”. Serpentem means ‘crawling’ and vectem actually means ‘bar’ or ‘pole’. So the Latin phrase for ‘serpent’ is something like ‘crawling pole’. Not very creative but accurate.

Best guess, someone put ‘serpent’ into google translate and got back ‘vectem’ and it sounds sort of like vaccine, and Illuminati confirmed.

If anyone has any better ideas on where this started please let me know.






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