Nothing New With Blizzard

It seems Blizzard has put off releasing the expansion for World of Warcraft until January. It was set to be released on November 22nd (which was really convenient considering my birthday is the day before), at least according to You can read IGN’s very brief article here. Unfortunately, this isn’t anything really new with Blizzard.… Continue reading Nothing New With Blizzard

Geek Argument Wars

The other day I started a thread on the Wizards of the Coast Message boards looking for more melee weapons for my d20 Future/BESM d20 campaign. I got some really cool replies but at some point it degraded into an “Average Damage” argument. It seems pretty silly to me because I’m not 100% sure what… Continue reading Geek Argument Wars


I consider myself a geek, and my geekhood is something I’m very proud of. I’ve recently been calling myself a ‘geek lord’ because of the level of geekiness I have attained over the past several years. I think my credentials speak for themselves, I play D&D every weekend, computer technician, obsessed with video games, write… Continue reading Geekness

Lamentation for the RPG

It’s been a good long while since I’ve played a decent RPG video game. I’m really kind of missing it. I just finished Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 and it was pretty good. I did it with minimal cheating too. It’s not that I really NEEDED to cheat but I hate dying… Continue reading Lamentation for the RPG

Aaah LiveJournal

This is my first post on LiveJournal. I hope to make this a decent blog!   I’ve got a mirror blog on Microsoft’s Live Spaces, as well as a Myspace account (I don’t like MySpace’s setup that well though). Anyway I hope to start posting regularly soon!