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  • The Most Addictive Thing Ever Made By Man

    Some years ago, between 2002 and 2008 an American corporation developed the most addictive substance that’s ever been spread to the masses. It had me going to get a fix daily, sometimes twice a day. The rush was exquisite. As if crack, heroin and cannabis had been mixed together in a delivery system that went […]

  • Keeping Your Electronics Charged While Travelling- Product Updates for 2021

    I don’t travel so much by plane anymore. I do have a few really long road trips planned, and since those will be largely from California to Texas, there’s some hotel stays involved. In my previous article I wrote about reducing the weight of stuff you’re carrying and trying to only take up one outlet […]

  • New Year 2021!

    It’s the beginning of a new year, after a particularly crappy one for most people. For me, it wasn’t so bad, just stressful. I moved to Los Angeles late in 2019 to be with my now wife. Found a decent place to live that allows the animals we own. I tried to refrain from writing […]

  • Weird Theories – Word Origins – The Word Vaccine

    Over the past couple months I’ve been listening to some conspiracy theory podcasts. As purely a form of entertainment, what with current events. One particularly popular topic these days is that of vaccines, for obvious reasons. This isn’t an article that’s anti-vaccine or pro-vaccine, just one talking about where the word comes from. On more […]

  • Dark Cookbook – Cake of Neugbauer

    A few days ago I read about a Harry Potter book that a bunch of hilarious writers generated with a predictive keyboard called “Botnik“. It appears that you can load any text into it you wish and it will generate a predictive keyboard based on that text. There’s all kinds of stuff there. The tutorial apparently […]

  • Origin of Christian Holidays – Christmas Pilot Article

    Several years ago I got interested in the origin of Halloween and decided to write about it and Easter.  I had planned to do one on Christmas and had compiled all the notes, but at the same time my brother and I started a podcast that ran for two years so all my research efforts […]

  • My every day pocket knife – A better way

    I was given my first pocket knife at six years old. I lost that pocket knife a few years later even though after getting a better one I kept it in a little cedar box which I still have. It’s a real shame too because I think that knife had been given to my father […]

  • The Other Every Day Carry Gear – The Not Quite EDC

    So I wrote two articles about my every day carry upgrades and the two significant things I changed over the last year or two. One thing I learned about myself was that I don’t like carrying a bunch of extra stuff on my person. Keys, wallet, cell phone, pocket knife, headset and I’m done. No smart […]

  • A Better Keychain

    My first step in a better every day carry was my key chain. Here’s how I applied my two questions to my key chain. My first question is what do I need? The answer seemed pretty obvious. A key chain. I have to carry a key chain because I have several keys I need every […]

  • The Two Questions of EDC

    Whether you’re out in the dry desert of Arizona or, in many people’s view the similar desolation of downtown New York you can find yourself in a crappy situation. What you have on you right then can sometimes mean the difference between easily getting out of that situation or just managing to make it back […]

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