Total War: Warhammer III

I haven’t written about video games in a while. Probably because I’ve been playing video games. A lot. My experience with the Total War franchise goes back to Medieval: Total War back in 2003 or so. Huge fan. I’ve played all the main Total War games except the Shogun games. When I found out Games… Continue reading Total War: Warhammer III

Rocketbook AXIS!

I’ve been a Rocketbook user for a couple of years now. I bought the small notepad and the executive size notebook back in 2020, and have added a few more notebooks to my collection since. The notebooks have digitizable pages that you write on with erasable Pilot Frixion pens. The best part about them is… Continue reading Rocketbook AXIS!

Demonization is Profitable

I think I’ve written about this before. The idea that the more something gets demonized the more popular it becomes, and by extension the more profitable it becomes for the people who produce it. I’ve said repeatedly that if I ever buckle down and write a novel that I’d take five hundred copies and immediately… Continue reading Demonization is Profitable

Odd Habits

The subject of ‘weird habits’ came up today when I ran to the local convenience store for lunch. I started driving at fifteen, got my license at sixteen. Almost immediately I noticed I and other people were wasting huge amounts of time and gas looking for parking spots, especially at big box stores. So I… Continue reading Odd Habits