Xcel Energy, and UPS Men

Well I’ve been on a project with Xcel Energy for the past few months. You know, the giant corporation that handles power in Texas, Colorado, Minnesota and parts of Montana? It’s been fairly cool to work there. Too bad I don’t work for them directly though. I get the feeling they treat their employees better then my employers treat me.

I can’t complain too terribly much, the pays good, except my cell phone bill is eating into my paychecks pretty badly. Five hundred minutes a month just doesn’t last long when you have a manager calling you every thirty five seconds wanting to know some detail about something I honestly don’t have time to explain to them.

Plus my coworkers calling me for help, that’s pretty annoying too.

Was going to save up for school, but I don’t think that’s going to work out so well now. Most of my paychecks are going towards my cell phone bill, gasoline, and that sort of thing. I don’t think anyone can really make money on this contract stuff at all. Just the people issuing the contracts.

So I guess A+ Certification, here I come! It’ll help anyway. I manage a bunch of guys with bachelors degrees, and I don’t even have any certification, just a ton of experience.

Anyway, Harry Potter book 7 came out this weekend if you live under a rock and haven’t heard. I’m reading it slowly but surely, hopefully will have it done soon. Seems good so far.

Funny story though, the UPS guy who delivered it cussed at my dad when he delivered it. Apparently he’d been delivering nothing but those books all day. Like six stops down my street, and three or four one block over. Also the poor Hastings employees were forced to dress as wizards and witches. I went there to get a couple of reference books, and felt kind of sorry for them.

I didn’t dare make fun as all of them were armed with sharp sticks hidden beneath their robes. I didn’t want to get stabbed by a fourteen inch oak and unicorn hair wand. They’ve even got easy grip handles.

I went into Office Depot for a wireless network adapter for my laptop, and a new bag to carry it in and there were some girls quietly talking about the book looking over their shoulders to make sure no one heard. Apparently one of them had read the whole thing already. It was ten o’clock in the morning, she’d had it since 12:30 that night. They were giggling like a bunch of junior high school children. What is it with ridiculously hot girls and Harry Potter? A guy starts talking about it with them though and these same girls just look at him like he’s some sort of mutant geek. That’s quite strange in my opinion, all things considered.

I have a message to those women.

From: The Amarillo Geek Lord (Drachemeister).
To: Ridiculously Hot Women Who Read Harry Potter
Message: You’re a geek too. Come to terms with it! Give the males your kind a chance.

The argument could be made that just because you read Harry Potter doesn’t mean you are a geek. I would like to argue that bringing that point up and arguing it is what makes you a geek, albeit a very low level geek. Even as a low level geek you need to remember to occasionally pay token tribute to your local geek lord. A small bag of Cheetos, origami dragon, old used video game, action figure, novelty guitar pick, or a foreign coin two or three times a year are traditional. It’s best to keep your geek lord happy.

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