Writer’s Block

Been struggling with Writer’s Block for quite some time now. I’ve been trying to read more to help that. It seems to be the biggest thing most people do to help with that.

What do you do when you’ve had writer’s block for a couple of years though? I suddenly got busy and distracted with gaming and other distractions. It’s really hard to get back into the swing of things when you’ve developed bad habits over the years.

I thought blogging would help, a few hundred word blog post every day should help. Problem is, getting into the habit of writing a few hundred words every day in a blog. This is another of my earnest starter posts.

Been snooping around the web for a Christian fantasy writer’s group. Haven’t been real successful finding one yet though. Found some but I couldn’t determine if they took new members or not. Something local would be cool too.

I’ve set my laptop up to make writing more convenient. Put Mandriva Linux on it and I’ve been using Open Office for a long time. I’m trying to organize things to make writing my stories a bit more convenient. I’m not sure whether a database or just working out some kind of folder/file system would be better.

The database thing sounds nice, but I think I’d spend more time building that then actually writing. Each story having its own little folder and some sub folders with the supporting documents and outline and everything would be cool though.

Does anyone know if you can setup something in Linux (I use the GNOME desktop interface) to sync files and folders with a USB drive? I know you can use briefcases in Windows but they are pretty clunky and don’t work in Linux. I’d like some automated way to sync files and folders up that way I don’t hafta have my USB drive connected the whole time I’m writing, but I’d be able to work on things on my Windows machine if I needed to.

That’d be cool.

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