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Well it looks like my ‘prophecy’ will come true. There are a lot of news articles about server resets on Tuesday when the Burning Crusade comes out. So I’m betting a lot of the more heavily populated servers will be down for the better part of the day. Also I’ve heard rumors that you’ll have to repatch the expansion to 2.03 (actually to 2.04, patch installed on my machine at least earlier today) after you install it. So the download time is going to be insane. I suggest downloading 2.0 from sometime around Monday if you can that way you at least can skip that particular download later (it upgrades from 1.23 I believe, which I think is a 400meg download).

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I won’t have the Expansion until the 20th of this month unless Wal-Mart really gets on the ball shipping it out. They didn’t have a ‘pick up in store’ option, and most of the local electronics boutiques were sold out already. I’m guessing I’ll have it by Friday at any rate. Jonathan will get his the same day if they are both delivered on time.

I’m going to make a Dranei I think, then a Blood Elf after the novelty wears off. I can’t wait to explore the Outland though with my druid.

With shamans being able to wear plate via a talent point it has become obvious to some there will be little reason not to play a shaman. It’s my opinion though that Druids are much cooler. Here is a point by point reason.

  1. Shamans have Ranged Attack Spells.
  2. Shamans can heal.
  3. Shamans have Ghost Wolf form (+40% movement speed, hard to see).
  4. Shamans have High Melee DPS.
  5. Shamans can Off-Tank.
  6. Shamans can Wear Plate and Use Shields.
  7. Shamans have Totems that affect nearby party members.
  8. Shamans can resurrect.

This makes shamans really attractive in any format. With all the stuff they can do and their sometimes near immunity to damage, it makes we wonder why anyone would play anything else.

My conclusion that druids are better can be summed up into one phrase though:

  1. Druids get Flight Form

That’s right man, as well as being able to do everything shamans can (except wear plate and use shields, but dire bear form is way better than that, and can main tank sometimes better than a warrior), druids can now fly. So in any debate about which class is better in WoW, druids always win because “Can Fly” is just much cooler than plate. So at level 68, druids pretty much trump everything.

There was a nice world event on the 10th. This big demon named “Highlord Kruul” or something attacked Orgrimmar (at least on Kirin Tor Server). I got a few decent screenshots for your enjoyment.


Glidesparrow about to face off with Kruul.


Kind of a bad shot, but look at the bodies, we all died a lot.


I took this hound out, there’s another druid from my guild next to me.


That spell with the skulls there was pretty nasty. Most people died instantly. I was resisting most of the time, but couldn’t take more then two direct hits from it.


That was the best direct shot I could get of him. He moved around a lot, again note the bodies.


It was pretty cool. Jonathan got some other shots, I’ll post those later. I eventually took a growth potion, and got the witch doctor at Sen’jin village to make me grow even more than went back to Orgrimmar and challenged him to pick on someone his own size. It was awesome.

Not much else happened this week, outside or inside WoW. Been playing a campaign in Medieval 2 with the spanish, been having wireless keyboard problems, but other than that it’s been a typical week.


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