Website Redesigns

All I have to say is, working tech support isn’t the most pleasant
experience I’ve ever had, but it’s far from the worst job I’ve had too.
That particular honor goes to working at a plumbing company.

I’m sort of in the progress of coming up with a basic troubleshooting
guide right now. There’s no set procedure at the company I’m at.
Fortunately they let us use the Internet so a lot of stuff can be found
that way.

Working out a redesign for my website. I got Expressions Web the other
day, really like it. I’m trying to learn CSS and all that so I can
better design stuff for my clients and myself. It’s been quite a
learning curve especially since I have so little time now to play with

Mostly I think now it comes down to what kind of content I want on my
business site, and what I want on my personal site and whether I just
want to use these blogs for that or not.

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