Warhammer Online

Well I finally got Warhammer Online. Been waiting on it to release for what seems like ages. I like it really well. It does a lot of things World of Warcraft should do, like experience during PvP or "RvR" scenarios, public quests you can just join in and get benefit from whether you are in a group or not, and a much more engaging storyline and set of accomplishments. I figure I get two new titles a game session, which I’m sure will slow down a lot as I progress.

I have done some RvR scenarios recently. They’re pretty fun. Definitely more interesting then WoW’s. There’s one early on for the elves that requires you to capture and hold two sacred spots. Once you grab them both, the god Khaine destroys all your enemies, you don’t get much warning either, it’s pretty fun. There’s also a time cap on the ones I played which makes it more fun since you have to really race to accomplish the scenario goal, and you aren’t in it for two hours trying to win. They also crank your level up a touch when in RvR so you aren’t totally useless if you go in when you are at the low end of the level range. You don’t get the skills or gear for that level if you aren’t really that level but your stats and health points go up somewhat.

The quest system is awesome. You get two pages of ‘flavor text’ and then the quest description. You manage all of it in your lore book. The book itself tells you about other quests in other areas if you’ve started on part of an achievement as well. The best thing though is that it marks where the quest is to be accomplished on your map instead of just saying "South of here".

The crafting system bugs me though. It’s hard to find the trainers for it. Salvaging looks to be really interesting but I can’t find the trainer for it. That’s really annoying. I’m also not sure that there’s really any NPC’s to ask where they are either. My engineer learned talisman making, then I realized you need "Magical Salvaging" to make use of it, but I can’t find that trainer in any of the dwarf areas I’ve been to. I didn’t even KNOW I needed magical salvaging from anything in game. I had to look it up on a website to find out why I could not find any ‘fragments’.

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