The Nothing Day

Pretty slow day honestly. Worked, came home, forgot to practice my cards. Was supposed to do something once I did get home but I forgot what that was.

On a sweet note, Amazon is now selling Kindle’s for $299. I want one pretty bad and knocking off $80 or so has enticed me. Still dunno if it or the Sony e-reader is better though. Amazon does have a huger library and the Kindle is the ‘thing’ to have. Saving $25 on the e-reader and not being able to order from Amazon is kinda a drawback. Debating pretty hard on it.

It won’t save money honestly. But every so often I order about $30 worth of books from Amazon and those books take up a LOT of space. Also sometimes I forget I have them. The Kindle takes up very little and I’ve been more prone to read it all on my iPhone. Plus I can take notes which might help my Bible study out tremendously. I also might actually read newspapers if I had one. I think a lot of people are in the same boat with me on that one. Newspapers kill trees, take up space, get wet, and the only read advancement in newspaper technology in ages has been ink that doesn’t rub off on your hands -as bad-.

On the home server front I’m about ready to throw Fedora 10 on that bad boy and redo it entirely. Something is screwed up with the mySQL installation and it won’t allow me to add some of the new apps I want to try.

If you have not checked out Amahi you really should. It’s awesome and free, and does darn near everything Windows Home Server does, and then a lot more on top of that. Good web GUI and all kinds of stuff. It works really when you compliment it with Windows Live OneCare and make a Backup Share. If you have a lot of hard drive space you can backup your entire hard drive over the network with Portable Backup Appliance, it requires System Restore CD though. There used to be a PXE boot setup for it but I think they took it off because a lot of home grade machines don’t support PXE booting.

I am sorely tempted to cobble together a good basic machine and set it up with Amahi and then do a sort of value-added service and sell them, possibly with a good solid extenal hard drive for backups. I know a lot of people don’t see the need for a home server, but you could SERIOUSLY save a lot of money in the long run and generally speaking never have to worry about their data. They could work well for a small business or home office. Remote VPN access is pretty sweet too.

Reading wise I’ve been pretty into the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. Pretty nice ideas about the whole vampire/werewolf thing and doesn’t seem to be going in the same basic direction as the Anita Blake books have. It’s just as well written too in my opinion, probably better written. For me to say that is something, as I am a fairly solid fan of Laurell K. Hamilton, just not the direct her books took.

Yeah I know, what am I, a guy, and a straight one at that doing reading vampire/lycanthrope/magic romance/horror books. I’d have to say I don’t really know the answer to that question but I have been enjoying them ever since my friend Nita got me hooked on Anita Blake. I will say to all the authors of such books out there, it does not have to be about the sex! Come on! Yeah I know what vampires are all about, yes eroticism does play a big part in the genre but it isn’t necessary to a good story. I’d like to see more without all that and more smacking down on the bad guys or mystery solving, like Jim Butcher has done with the Dresden Files. I’d also like to see more from a guy’s point of view. ┬áCheck out Mercy though, guys can get into those books even if it is from a woman’s point of view.

Also no I have not read the Twilight books, do not want to read them and vampires should under no circumstances sparkle in the sunlight except as they catch on fire.

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