The Other Every Day Carry Gear – The Not Quite EDC

So I wrote two articles about my every day carry upgrades and the two significant¬†things I changed over the last year or two. One thing I learned about myself was that I don’t like carrying a bunch of extra stuff on my person. Keys, wallet, cell phone, pocket knife, headset and I’m done. No smart […]

The Techno Survivalist – Earbuds, Headsets and Audio

I’ve been thinking about Every Day Carry lately as it relates to¬†this idea of what I’m calling Techno Survivalism. So I started going through what I carry around every day and what I need to do every day so I can adjust my “EDC”. I know many IT guys carry a lot of crap around […]

Emergency Smart Phone Preparedness In the Urban Landscape

Thought I’d diverge from the Geeky Faith stuff for a while. Stuff depresses me sometimes. Get back to good old geeky electronics and techno-survivalism. Thought I’d relate a story that my fiance and I went through about a year ago in Edmonton, Alberta. I was up there visiting during the winter and we decided to […]

Airport Charging Kit

I wrote a post a while back on keeping your stuff charged at the airport and presented a few parts to minimize the amount of stuff you have to haul with you. My goal was to charge three items on one outlet through USB power. Well I don’t carry a laptop anymore, I carry a […]

Keeping Your Electronics Charged at the Airport

I am a relatively frequent traveller, I find myself in the airport several times a year for business or pleasure. I’m also really cheap so I end up spending a whole day at the airport due to layovers. As a techie working in IT I need to stay connected and that means keeping things charged. […]

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