Examples of Halloween Nonsense From Jack Chick

Was doing some research to prove a few of my points for my Halloween articles. Here’s one of the worst offenders for the demonization of all things entertaining and fun. Good old Jack Chick. I used to love this guy’s stuff, but it’s so full of misinformation, fabrication and outright lies you can’t really see […]

Origins of Christian Holidays – Halloween and Lemuria – Part 4 of Several

The Real Depaganization – Lemuria So if in all likelihood the moving of All Saints Day to November wasn’t to Christianize Samhain, what was it for? Well it might have been to Christianize a different festival from Rome called “Lemuria”. According to Ovid the festival was instituted by Romulus himself to appease the spirit of […]

Origins of Christian Holidays – Halloween and Samhain – Part 3 of Several

Samhain – The Myth, The Truth and the Bullcrap So one of the big things we’re all told about Halloween is that it’s just a thinly veiled pagan holiday called “Samhain” that takes place on October 31st. The thought is that’s because that’s when the pagan Celts who did all kinds of horrible things thought […]

Origin of Christian Holidays – Halloween – Part 2 of Several

A Brief History of The Origins of Halloween, or more properly Hallowmas Hallowmas as the more or less Christian tradition is definitively traced to May 13th, 609 A.D. when Pope Boniface IV consecrated the Pantheon in Rome to the Blessed Virgin and all the martyrs. According to Wikipedia there is evidence that May 13th was celebrated […]

What is Urban Fantasy Really?

[podcast]http://aaronsarea.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/10-2-12-Urban-Fantasy-Genre-Explanaion.mp3[/podcast]Urban fantasy is a sub-genre of fantasy that is defined as, “Fantasy narrative taking place inside a city”. Urban fantasy is often confused with contemporary fantasy which is a fantasy story taking place in a contemporary time setting. They are not at all the same, though many urban fantasy stories are also contemporary and vice-versa, […]

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