Some Further Windows 8 Impressions

I broke down and bought Windows 8 a few days ago. Took advantage of the $40 deal. A big reason for this is I received a Vivo Tab RT as an early Christmas gift. I’ll post more on this awesome device later.   What I Like About Windows 8 The Start Menu – The fancy new […]

The Smart Way To Backup Your Stuff Part 3: Cloud Storage, Dropbox and Google

So you’ve got a good local backup, now you can move beyond that and backup nearly everything as you work, and synchronizing it across all your computers and devices. This is what I call a cloud backup. There’s nothing like your stuff being backed up nearly as quickly as you edit it. I’ve reviewed Dropbox […]

The Smart Way To Backup Your Stuff Part 2: Local Backups

I’ve talked about local backups before and how important they are. Let me take a moment to define a local backup before I move on to how to do this cheaply, easily, and quickly. So if you haven’t organized your stuff already go ahead and do that. Just make sure everything is split up by […]

The Smart Way To Backup Your Stuff Part 1: Basic Organization

As an IT professional I have this near legal obligation to tell people to back their stuff up. I think the State of Texas actually tried passing a law that said, “Every conversation with a computer nerd shall include the phrase ‘back your stuff up’ and ‘Han shot first’.” The phrase, “backup your stuff”  really […]

Dropbox Vs. Google Drive

If you’ve never heard of Dropbox you’re missing out. Do you have two or more computers? A lot of people do, a laptop, desktop, work computer, media box, tablet, and cell phone. How do you get files between them? You could use a flash drive, or your network, or you could use a service like […]

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