Suddenlink Outage Information And How To Get It

Was one of those days. Three coworkers came into my office asking if there were any problems with Suddenlink. I am a Suddenlink customer, so this kind of information is important to me. I figured since three people were having issues, it might have been because there was a minor outage or something and they […]

Food Experiment #1

  I decided a while back that I’d broaden my horizons on the food I ate. I decided at least once a month I’d learn to make something new and try it. Then I’d try to make it my own. This isn’t really my first experiment but it’s definitely the bravest so far, and one […]

Cats and Mythology

I have a large orange tom cat named Baron. He seems to have taken a keen interest in sleeping on my nightstand and blocking all the good air conditioning. Not sure why. Maybe he’s trying to protect me from getting cold or something. It’s kind of weird. My dog Dilios has taken to protecting me […]

Raspberry Green Tea Turkey

My dad is known for his smoked turkeys on Thanksgiving. He’ll take the whole turkey put it in his smoker and cook the thing overnight. Usually he uses cheap root beer to put in the water pan. Yesterday though he had another idea that I personally liked a LOT better. I’d got a green tea […]

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