A Better Keychain

My first step in a better every day carry was my key chain. Here’s how I applied my two questions to my key chain. My first question is what do I need? The answer seemed pretty obvious. A key chain. I have to carry a key chain because I have several keys I need every […]

The Two Questions of EDC

Whether you’re out in the dry desert of Arizona or, in many people’s view the similar desolation of downtown New York you can find yourself in a crappy situation. What you have on you right then can sometimes mean the difference between easily getting out of that situation or just managing to make it back […]

AT&T Phone Warranty Process

So my Galaxy S2 bit the dust a few days ago and I went to go get a new phone at the AT&T store as I thought my warranty had expired. The guy at the store was really helpful and looked my account up. Fortunately my warranty hadn’t expired (still had less than a week!) […]

The Smart Way To Backup Your Stuff Part 1: Basic Organization

As an IT professional I have this near legal obligation to tell people to back their stuff up. I think the State of Texas actually tried passing a law that said, “Every conversation with a computer nerd shall include the phrase ‘back your stuff up’ and ‘Han shot first’.” The phrase, “backup your stuff”  really […]

Suddenlink Internet Problems

If you live in the Amarillo Area, or are having a lot of dropped internet problems, here’s some information for you. You will need to go get a DOCSIS 3.0 compatible cable modem. You can go to this page: http://aaronsarea.com/install-cable-modem/ on how to install it yourself. It’s super easy. On to my rant about Suddenlink… […]

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