Dark Cookbook – Cake of Neugbauer

A few days ago I read about a Harry Potter book that a bunch of hilarious writers generated with a predictive keyboard called “Botnik“. It appears that you can load any text into it you wish and it will generate a predictive keyboard based on that text. There’s all kinds of stuff there. The tutorial apparently […]

Casual Vacancy – By JK Rowling

This one has been out almost a month. Not sure how I missed it. Was glad to hear J.K. Rowling was going to write an adult novel as practically all of her Harry Potter readers are grown men and women now. If you think about it took 17 years or so to write all seven […]

What is Contemporary Fantasy?

Contemporary fantasy is a fantasy work that is set in the time period of when the story was written. It’s safe to say that all contemporary fantasy is set in ‘modern times’, mostly in the real world. But a book might have been written three hundred years ago, been set in the time period of […]

Xcel Energy, and UPS Men

Well I’ve been on a project with Xcel Energy for the past few months. You know, the giant corporation that handles power in Texas, Colorado, Minnesota and parts of Montana? It’s been fairly cool to work there. Too bad I don’t work for them directly though. I get the feeling they treat their employees better […]

Clients and their machines…

I’ve got a large somewhat unattractive machine sitting next to me happily installing a clean version of Windows on it. As I think I mentioned in an earlier post it was doing that thing where it starts up, blue screens and then restarts only to repeat the process ad nauseum. Usually I can fix the […]

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