Christian Holidays – The War On Christmas: Black Friday

So you’re at Wal-Mart on Black Friday getting your high quality, Chinese made presents for your kids, pondering the hilarity of a store built on the principles of only selling American made products, a “fact” which old naive stupid people still cite to this day while eating their green peas imported from Thailand.¬†You’re still feeling […]

Prayer On The Internet

This is one of those posts I hate to have to even write, knowing that almost all of my family and friends are devout Christians of one stripe or another and will likely take this the wrong way when they read it. Recently due to the tragedies that have occurred in the US, China and […]

Cats and Mythology

I have a large orange tom cat named Baron. He seems to have taken a keen interest in sleeping on my nightstand and blocking all the good air conditioning. Not sure why. Maybe he’s trying to protect me from getting cold or something. It’s kind of weird. My dog Dilios has taken to protecting me […]

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