Suddenlink Down Time In Amarillo – RESOLVED – 07/24/2012 – 07/25/2012

07-27-2012 – Looks like a lot of people found this posting useful. If you are in the Amarillo area, and have some information about outages for various Internet Service Providers or phone companies please let me know any time. I’ll post it here, if it’s within my realm of ability I’ll try to find some instructions for mitigating the problem. If you know what to do please let me know. You can use the contact form on this blog or comment below.

If you are an ISP and have service in Amarillo, I’d be glad to post, retweet or get the message out via Facebook or word of mouth. Please contact me with the form above or tweet me at @aaronsgwc. I’d also be happy to share my e-mail address with any industry people when stuff like this happens.


07-24-2012 – I received a call earlier today about some Suddenlink downtime this evening at midnight to some unknown time the morning of the 25th. They’re apparently doing some upgrades or something to help improve their service. It was not obvious if they meant the entire Amarillo area or just my general area that’ll be down.

If you live in the Amarillo area, be ready to reboot your modem and router tomorrow morning. Hopefully you’ll read this quick enough to get a good grasp on what you have to do without resorting to tech support, which will probably be swamped tomorrow.

Here’s my articles on how to deal with loss of connectivity to the internet before calling tech support: How to Fix Most Internet Problems. According to the call this process will fix your problems.

If you have Suddenlink now or very soon might be a good time to upgrade your modem. Here’s a page with some links to a modem compatible with Suddenlink.

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