Was one of those days. Three coworkers came into my office asking if there were any problems with Suddenlink. I am a Suddenlink customer, so this kind of information is important to me.

I figured since three people were having issues, it might have been because there was a minor outage or something and they happen to live near each other. So I decided to check around the Suddenlink website to see if they had a feed for technical issues. Most ISP’s don’t do this but I figured Suddenlink might be the exception to the rule as they have a LOT of tools for their users on the site.

Sadly they don’t have a feed or anything with outages posted. So here’s some information on how to check if there is one. This does involve talking to a human being.

How to see if Suddenlink has an outage in your area

Please check this article first before you do anything I suggest below. It’s rare for an ISP to have an actual outage in a large area. It can happen, but you should not assume first thing that it is an outage. Try to eliminate the simple things first.

There are two methods. There is a residential service number posted on their site and it is: 877-794-2724.

The best way I think to find out is to just log on to their customer chat and ask the chat operator if there are any outages in your area. Here’s the chat page:


Just click on that, enter your name, email, and zip code. Select “General Question” and enter your customer number. You can find your customer number by going to the login page at suddenlink.com and clicking on “My Account” and then click on “Billing Options”. Your account number is right under your name.

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