Stuff and WoW Expansions

Well, today’s the day! I was in last night when The Burning Crusade went live in Europe, they said it was stable. I think I logged out about 20 minutes after it went live in the US. No resets or anything that I could tell. I’m pretty sure the server will be overloaded with thousands of Blood Elf women.

They’re pretty much the gnomes of the horde, except way cooler looking and not quite as small, but almost.

My own copy won’t be here ’til Thursday or Friday probably, assuming Wal-Mart shipped it today. Jonathan’s should be here a day or so after that if all goes well. There’s a big distribution center in Plainview, so maybe they shipped it from there instead of somewhere on the East Coast.

Can’t wait to explore Outland!

Still working on my backup program, that One Click publishing thing Microsoft came up with is a real hassle. I get the thing done and their deployment method, while easier, prevents most of my schedule code from working. I guess it doesn’t pay to be lazy. Thought four lines of code would work, it doesn’t though. No one at the boards has any ideas either, apparently.

I’m thinking an XML file containing schedule information would be a good idea. It would check it every time it started up, and calculate which the likeliest ones that need ran are. After it runs all of them, it shuts down. Windows Scheduled tasks can deal with the when it runs.

I don’t think any more often then every half hour would be good though. The compression algorithm is kind of slow, as is the copy function. Not much I can do about that without coding my own functions though.

I guess if I had a good Assembler compiler I could speed up the copying, but not the compression or encryption (well maybe the encryption). I’ve done that before on other apps, used assembler macros instead of C++ or VB code to get the job done. Quick, mostly painless, but not real flexible. Plus it’s smaller.

Our D&D campaign is going well, ZB and Jonathan are only playing intermittently right now though. I’m kind of looking for a few more players here in the Amarillo area that don’t mind playing with a wide variety of ages. We’re playing Ebberon right now, but we usually do homebrew campaigns. If you’re in the area and interested, send me a message ok?

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