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I’ve been listening to the Anime Pulse Podcast for a couple of months or more now and I have to say I’m pretty impressed with it. I like the Manga Pulse better, even though I don’t read huge amounts of manga in general, although I do get cravings. I find Tim and Weltall to be a lot funnier and informative than Ichigo and Batou. So if you read this, you should be listening to Anime Pulse. I’m not a subscriber yet, I don’t find getting the podcasts two weeks early to be a huge benefit, but I may in the future should I want to win some contests or something. It’s $5 a month, so not a big deal there.

Can check them out here: Of course, I found them on iTunes when looking for some long involved stuff to listen to on the way to Dallas. Listening to music makes me irritable for some weird reason.

I am a subscriber for A site I thoroughly enjoy. Lots of anime there, and they apparently simulcast stuff as it comes out in Japan, so they have new episodes of several series that are on currently. Naruto Shippuden in particular. So for $6 a month you can get pretty well current episodes of anime as it comes out. I have been able to find a few shows I like pretty well during the two seasons or so that I’ve been a subscriber. Worth every penny. Plus it’s ad free.

Of course not being a subscriber gets you the episodes about a week after they come out, with ads. They’ve got a ton of archived stuff too that you can watch too. So I usually pick a few new anime that look interesting, and then casually watch some older shows.

In particular I’ve been following Naruto Shippuden, Omamori Himari, Hanamaru Kindergarten, Durarara, Chu-Bra, and Tagami Bachi. Last season I was pretty into Tagami Bachi, Girls High, Charger Girl, Happiness, Sora No Otoshimono, and Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu – Purezza. I’ve watched a few episodes of other stuff here and there, but the only thing I could find myself coming back to was Fist of the Northern Star. Lots of great stuff, just so much to choose from. A lot of ecchi titles I know, but Girls High in particular had a good story, as did Nogizaka Haruka.

I found out Crunchyroll has an iPhone app. I haven’t played with it, but that’s really cool. Get some streaming video I assume in 3g enabled places.

Hulu has been another great choice. They don’t have near the Anime selection Crunchyroll has but they do have a fair amount of Funimation stuff, as well as Naruto if you need another way to keep up with it. I’ve watched some Death Note, and finished up Samurai Champloo on it. Some of their stuff is even the english dubs, so if that’s your thing (some anime just seems better with it honestly, especially if done well) Hulu is the place to look. They’ve got some english versions of Naruto there too, and from what I’m told the captioning and translations, especially on the song is a far cry better than Crunchyroll. Gotta be careful on Hulu though, they do have some uncensored stuff so if you have kids watching anime, it’d be a good idea to check that out.

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