So Anyway, My Geekhood Has Been Positively Confirmed…

… as if there was any doubt right? Thanks for confirming it Cali!

I’m not sure when I became a geek, but I don’t think there’s ever really been any point in my life when I was not considered such. I think I inherited it from my parents who are big readers, and sci-fi fans. Grew up on Star Trek, ate sci-fi novels for lunch, read everything I could get my hands on, absolutely loved anything fantasy oriented, and would only check out astronomy and other study type books from the school library when I was little. I found it hard to figure out which I got more pleasure from, fiction or learning the difference between a red giant and a white dwarf. Or knowing that “penumbral” is an astronomical term not just the name of a long gone illithid(tm, don’t sue) empire.

So anyway, now that my geekhood has been confirmed by the little badge below we can now move on to more important topics, like why I should be in charge of handing out geek licenses.

I think the badge gives me that power. I don’t know. I think it’s pretty official, it’s from a quiz site.

I think geek licenses would be cool. A little card or certificate with your name, date of birth, WoW character name and server, MySpace page, number of Pokemon caught, and favorite webcomics on it would be cool. It could have your other credentials on the back, and when you meet a geek you whip them out and compare credentials to set up the pecking order here.

It would solve a lot of problems geeks have. First of all you’d have a semi-official document showing who is smarter/geekier and you could skip most of the oneupmanship that goes on when two geeks run into each other. Fewer Star Trek episode numbers would be yelled at each other, which programming language is better would not be up for debate, and exaggerating about your WoW character or making up nonexistant computer hardware to get the upper hand in the pecking order would be a thing of the past. Just show and compare the licenses and move on in the officially established order.

Could make it like an A+ Certification test. In fact A+ Certification would definitely be a credential. Give everything a point value and have a few people vouch for you and you’re assigned a ‘level’, and you gain higher levels by accumulating more geek points. The licensing commission would also take away your license for infractions, or suspend it. Everyone would have a number that could be checked from any internet connection and status could be shown to prevent forgeries.

And what geek is ever more then 30 seconds away from an internet connection.

I think the license should be a card too, so that comic stores could have ‘elite rooms’ that only certain geeks may enter. Of course you could hack the system, but that in and of itself would just prove you were more of a geek.

I’m pretty sure of the two people that probably read this, one of you is formulating an idea on how to make that happen.




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