Just got Seasons the other day. I wasn’t terribly interested in this one until I found out that they brought back aliens. Remember back in Sims 2 you could play in Strangetown and there was that household with like the three guys in it? One of those guys would get abducted by aliens and have an alien baby.

That was my absolute favorite Sims 2 household to play. I found it to be really funny and played my little alien baby Sim until her grandkids were grown at least twice. I’m really looking forward to this kind of thing in Sims 3, especially with the Supernatural and Late Night expansions installed.

The Sim I’m playing now is a witch (wizard?) with political aspirations. I figure learning Alchemy and throwing friendship potions at people will make this a breeze.

I’ve also installed a few NRAAS mods to make the game run smoother. I noticed that the game lags a lot, even on my relatively high end system. The Overwatch mod really helps reduce that. I also like the easy way to reset Sims as yes, they do get locked up sometimes and it screws up my game.

I don’t like the Story Progression mod they make too well, but I do agree it seems that the game is a bit more realistic. I’m not running into dozens of unemployed Sims anymore.

Anyway, here’s some linkage if you’re interested in The Sims 3. It’s really fun and a great time waster if you have time to kill. I’d recommend if you are just getting started (like say you have put off buying the game for the past 3 years), get the basic game with the Ambitions or Generations pack. I would pick Generations over Ambitions though. Also get the Supernatural and Seasons expansions if you were a fan of “Makin’ Magic” in the original Sims and “Strangetown” in Sims 2.


Sims 3 Deluxe Download

Book CoverThis package comes with Ambitions already installed. It’s a pretty good deal at $45, you can also get the regular Sims 3 for $27 on the same page. I’d go this route as Ambitions adds a lot to the game.


Sims 3 Generations

Book Cover

Generations adds a lot of depth to the characters, especially children and teens. I haven’t got any elders yet ( I play with epic lives) but it adds features there too. It also seems to have a lot of gameplay updates as well. Definitely worth the price.

Sims 3 Supernatural

Book Cover

This is the Sims 3 equal to Makin’ Magic and it is great. It’s my favorite expansion so far. You can play as Witches, Vampires, Ghosts, Fairies, Werewolves, Genies (if you have the Showtime Expansion) and so on. It has feature updates for most of the other expansions as well. I believe witches can have familiars if you have Pets. I don’t have Pets so I can’t really speak for that.


Sims 3 Seasons

Book Cover

Just got this one, it’s pretty fun. Adds another layer of events to the game. Supernatural added moon phases. Seasons, unsurprisingly, adds seasons to the game. Each season also has a holiday so your Sims can get a few more paid days off from work if they are lucky. You can also build snowmen, rake leaves and go to festivals.


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