This is probably the first Saturday in several years I didn’t have something pretty well planned out. I was supposed to go to the Church and set up for a band but the youth minister never really got back with me, and didn’t give me a time to be there either. Hope his youth run service doesn’t suck tomorrow.

We usually play Dungeons and Dragons on Saturday evening. The family and I that is. Started up an Eberron campaign several weeks ago, I really like running it. I swore off pre-printed campaign settings a couple years ago when I ran a Dragonlance campaign. I think maybe it was just too limiting on what you could and could not do with it though. Eberron may actually give too much freedom though. Who knows.

I’ve been messing around in World of Warcraft less and less recently. I’m kind of bored with the existing classes, but the game in general is a lot more fun then it was a year ago though. I’ll probably end up cancelling after I get a character to 70 until either the next expansion comes our or they release World of Starcraft or Starcraft 2. Played Starcraft a little, highly enjoyable in my opinion, but updating it would be awesome.

My brother started playing a few days ago. We all play on the Steamwheedle Cartel RP server. It can be loads of fun but our guild is small, and the server population in general is on the tiny side. Stormwind is actually the laggiest city Alliance side if you can believe that.

Our Guild is Tears of the Dawn. We honestly don’t do much, but if you’re looking for a place to socialize and don’t require huge amounts of help with quests and stuff. This is the place for you.


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