Recover Deleted Files from Dropbox Folder

I mentioned in an article about Dropbox vs. Google Drive about how files are recovered. It’s a simple thing to recover deleted files from Dropbox if you accidentally delete anything.

Quick note, another problem I’ve run into was with some application conflicts on one of my laptops, it accidentally deleted all the files in my Dropbox folder for some unknown reason. It was trivial to get all this stuff back. Thank you Dropbox!

 Recover Deleted Files From Dropbox Folder On Your PC

Step 1 – Log into the Dropbox website at

Step 2 – Click on the little “Show deleted items” icon at the upper right corner of the page. It looks like a trash can.

Recover Deleted Files From Dropbox - Trashcan Icon

Please know that this will not actually change the web page, it will just show all the files that have been deleted. They will look a bit grayed out, here’s an example picture:

Recover Deleted Files from Dropbox - Revealed Deleted Files

See how it is grayed out? You will need to know which folder the deleted file is in, unfortunately.

Step 3 – Once you’ve found your deleted file, click on it and select which version of the file you want to be restored. Click the Restore button and the file will show back up in the folder.

Recover Deleted Files from Dropbox  - Restore Screen

If you need to restore another file you’ll have to repeat the process over again, though you might be able to select multiple files some how. I’ve recovered whole folders using this process too. If you notice in the above picture there are many versions of the file I’m recovering. That’s because I deleted and restored it multiple times for this article. It also means Dropbox keeps multiple versions of a file based on edits you made. So here’s a little bonus information.

Check Previous Versions of a File

Right click on a file in the web site (this works in the chrome web browser for sure) and click “Previous Versions”. It will give you a list of edits made to the file and you can go back to a earlier version of the file, like say the original and recover mistaken edits in addition to deleted files this way.

In your Dropbox folder on your computer you can right-click on a file, select the Dropbox menu. Click on “View Previous Versions” and it will take you to the Dropbox website with the list.

When you recover a earlier version it replaces the version in your folder. You can always recover a newer version the same way.

So there you have it, three simple steps to recover deleted files from your Dropbox folder.

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