Recommended – The Sims 3: Supernatural

Remember way back in ’03 when Maxis released an expansion called “Makin’ Magic” for an obscure game called “The Sims”? Remember how that was the greatest expansion for one of the greatest games ever? Well it looks like they are FINALLY releasing an expansion like that for The Sims 3.

Now while The Sims 3 isn’t my favorite Sims game (Sims 2 definitely is), I enjoy it thoroughly and I can’t wait until September when I can play this.

It looks like you can play as supernatural Sims this time around in addition to the hexes and spells and stuff that you could do in Makin’ Magic. I’ve already pre-ordered this and will be clearing my Tuesday evening to play this for a few hours.

This biggest thing I’m interested in this expansion for is the Zombification. I think it will be hilarious to zombify a few Sims and create a horde to roam around the neighborhood.

If you pre-order, pre-order on Amazon as if the price goes down between now and then, they’ll make sure you pay the lowest. I doubt EA will do this for you through the Origin service.

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