Recommended – Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

I’ve got a lot of bookworm friends and family who ask fairly often for book recommendations. So I’ll start putting a few of these up on my blog every so often.

I highly suggest reading Brandon Sanderson’s “Mistborn”. I saw a video trailer for the third book in the trilogy “Hero of Ages” and actually got up from my desk right then, went immediately to Hastings and bought the first one in the series. I then read the book in about three weeks.

This book alone restored my faith in the science fiction and fantasy genres. It is the first book I recommend to anyone when they first ask me about something to read.

Think of these books like you would one of those old Marvel “What if…” comics. Like What If Doctor Doom won the Secret Wars? In this case it’s “What if the Dark Lord won against the Hero of Prophecy?”.

So you have this guy a long time ago, the hero that the prophecies foretold. He goes on his quest and screws up and the “dark lord” wins. This ushers in a thousand years of oppression.

After a thousand years a group of criminals get together and decide they’re pretty tired of the dark lord and hatch a scheme to over throw him. They’re going to rob his treasury, bribe his army and attempt to kill or exile him in the process. The catch is: they don’t know if his claim of godhood is true or not.

It’s an epic fantasy ‘heist’ novel with something for everyone. There is a lot of intrigue, action and even romance.

This is an incredible read. I couldn’t put it down after the first two chapters. I’ve since bought nearly everything Sanderson has written and even given away several copies of the first book.

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