Raspberry Green Tea Turkey

My dad is known for his smoked turkeys on Thanksgiving. He’ll take the whole turkey put it in his smoker and cook the thing overnight. Usually he uses cheap root beer to put in the water pan. Yesterday though he had another idea that I personally liked a LOT better.

I’d got a green tea sampler from Adagio teas and with it I ordered a sample of their Dragonwell, Oriental Spice (I’ve taken a liking to Stash’s spiced green tea), and Raspberry Green. On Monday or Tuesday afternoon I’d made a large cup of iced tea out of the raspberry green. I left the leaves in the Ingenuitea device I got from Adagio and they’d been sitting there at least twenty four hours. I’d only steeped them once, and I really don’t ever steep the leaves more then once unless I plan to drink it right then.

Anyway he dumped the used leaves into the water pan of his smoker. It lent itself well to the turkey, I thoroughly enjoyed it as did everyone else who tried it. Not going to tell them it was raspberry tea though, I seem to be the only one that has a real appreciation for raspberries around here. Of course most of the raspberry flavor was steeped out, still had just  a hint of it though.

I told him for Thanksgiving I’d order him a two dollar sampler of it and he could just dump the whole thing in the water pan so we could get a stronger green tea taste there. All in all I think this turkey is one of the best he’s ever smoked, not dry in the slightest.

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