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I hope everyone had a good Christmas weekend. For me having Christmas on the weekends usually makes things easier around here. Those that work in normal non-mail sorting jobs have almost a week off and generally hang about here. That’s usually pretty nice. It was a lot more relaxed then it has been in the past. There’s a small reason why but I won’t go into that.

My Nanny (my mom’s mother) asked me to make a Tarte Tatin for my aunt this year. She loved the one I made for Thanksgiving. It’s really good stuff. My aunt doesn’t eat a lot of sweets but she made an exception for it, and her own family really enjoyed it. That made it all worthwhile. It was probably my best work so far.

They take about an hour and a half to make and require a lot of attention to pull off right and not burn. Several family members wanted to know how I kept the apples so puffy. I have no idea actually.

I got a few much needed items for Christmas. An electric razor being the chief among them, and a gift certificate for Wal-Mart for socks. This is the first time in my entire life I got excited over the prospect of new socks!

My order from JList came in today too. I got two boxes of Pocky, two packages of BlackBlack gum, a tube of BlackBlack tablet candies, and some rose flavored gum. The rose flavored gum is really good actually. I like rose hips myself but this tastes like rose petals (yes I know what rose petals taste like). It’s pretty unique stuff.

I think the power company has been having some problems recently or there are a whole lot of defective computer power supplies in Amarillo. About a month and a half ago I started getting calls and people asking me why their computer won’t turn on. Inevitably its the power supply and the motherboard that went out.

It isn’t just one brand of computer either, although e-machines have been the major offenders.

We had a power outage last Wednesday that messed the power supply on my own machine up so I had to order a new motherboard, processor, and power supply for it. Thankfully it hasn’t died copmpletely yet and hopefully the motherboard is still good and I can use it in another machine. I’m hesitant to do any serious work with it until the new parts are in place.

I guess you could say the power company cost me $300.

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