Well I promised Jonathan I’d do a Scholomance run with him last night in WoW. We got a few guild members to join us, including our guild leader Icebanshee. Of course we’re on Kirin Tor server, guild is Hallowed Arcana and is currently the second or third largest active Horde side guild on the server.  We got done with the run about two and a half hours after we started. Ice has been to Scholo about nine thousand times and can run through it pretty easily now, got a quest I’ve had in my log for a while done finally.

Turned the quest in and got the PvP quest to assassinate the Barov guy. We decided to try and do it even though the Alliance was swarming around the quest point. Apparently Chillwind Camp in Western Plaguelands is where a lot of Alliance gather to do Scholo runs. There were only three of us, and we got our butts handed to us.

Not to be outdone by a bunch of pansy Alliance we asked for guild aid. We managed to get about ten people to help us out. Considering how many of those are fairly serious PvPer’s (with serious PvP builds and gear even)that’s a fairly substantial force. We proceeded to assassinate the guy, then every NPC in the camp, and killed all the flagged Alliance that came to help. We lost one guy once. Found out the gryphons that attack when you try to mess with the flight master are level 65 elites, but we took those down with little problem as well.

Anyway, they didn’t take us out ’til we got ready to leave then they ambushed us from the rear. After that insult we smacked ’em around again, leaving a trail of corpses from Chillwind Camp to the Bulwark. It was a seriously fun evening, and Jonathan has to do that quest today so we’ll take another stab at it.

The trinket reward is just too cool to pass up.

I’ve been reading some Sailor Moon manga some friends sent me. It’s pretty good stuff. I mean there isn’t much substance to them at all, little dialog, and the artwork seems to have lost something in the translation. I really like it though. I guess it reminds me of when the cartoon was on every morning before school. The manga isn’t as ‘teasey’ as the cartoon was though, which is kind of cool. There’s still a lot of fan service though.

The thing I really enjoy the most is the author’s side bars. She talks about what she was doing and stuff and that’s just really cool. Maybe a touch overly cute but cool.

Anyway here’s a screenshot I took last night of the raid. It reminds me of that cavalry charge in the “Return of the King”. Except of course you can’t do cavalry charges in WoW, only infantry rushes. Trust me there are more on the other side of that hill. Almost all are level sixty with outstanding gear. Hallowed Arcana make sure its own don’t have crappy gear.


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