Power Tools

I love it when you buy one thing, as opposed to something else. Then you find
out what you really wanted was cheaper. I got a Black&Decker power
screwdriver at Home Depot the other day in lieu of one of their VPX sets. I
was told the set with the screwdriver, saw, and flashlight did’t come with a
battery and charger. Then I found out Amazon had that set online for $89 with
the charger and the batteries work with everything else in the VPX line, all
I’d need are two or three batteries. They’ve got this awesome tire inflator,
and even a battery powered USB power inverter. They look good too. I know
that’s not generally something you should look for in a power tool, but
seriously, they’re sharp looking.

Here’s a link: http://www.vpxsystem.com

Only thing is, they’re kind of on the lighter side. That’s not necessarily a
bad thing, but they are definitely not designed for heavy duty applications.

I’m waiting on D&D 4th Edition with much anticipation. The only problem is I’m
hesitant to get any more 3.5 stuff. I wish they’d go ahead and release some
free material to show what it looks like. I hear they aren’t releasing any
conversion material, but some of the books they’ve released already are 4E
compatible. I’m not sure what to do with all my old 3.5 books though. It’s
probable I’ll be selling them since the new edition looks like it will be a
huge departure from the ‘traditional’ D&D game. Much more so then 3rd edition

My newest campaign is home brew, I’m using some online Spelljammer resources,
and the 3e Oriental Adventures to run a campaign based on colonizing a remote
planet. I’m using Forest Trolls and Witchknives as the main source of
conflict, and as the campaign progresses I’ll be introducing two more groups
of people. Yuan-Ti and a human civilization from the Oriental Adventures.

Should be fun, that’s it for now though!

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