Playstation 3

I’d like to say that I have the $500-$600 it takes to get a PS3 when they come out on the 17th, because I would just to be able to play White Knight Story. It looks awesome. Go to and check out the quicktime version of the trailer. It’s “Final Fantasyesque” looking I think.

My brother-in-law and I were discussing that earlier. We thought it was probably worth it. Even if to just beat the game then sell the PS3 on E-Bay for twice what it’s worth. You know they’ll run out by noon that day.

Aaah if only I had the money!

Anyway my brother is running our D&D game now and sucking badly at it. I hope he gets better but I don’t think he’ll put the effort into improving. He wants me to help a lot but I quit DMing because of his crap. I don’t think I want to give him too much.

I accidently threw away my Rome: Total War expansion a few weeks ago so I had to order a new one. Kinda sucks because I hadn’t actually beat the expansion enough to really feal satisfied with it. I’m working on a Scipii campaign now, very little cheating and I seem to be kicking butt. The Scipii seem harder then the other two factions and their troops seem to suck more for some reason.

I like that their weapons and armor can both hit the ‘gold’ level but troop experience is more valuable in my opinion. I find it annoying that some campaigns you can get a general for practically no effort whatsoever by using an army with no family member to lead it against an enemy army, and in others you can conquer half of europe with an un-generaled army and never get one. I wish I knew what caused the ‘man of the hour’ thing to pop up.

I just can’t wait for Medieval 2 to come out. It looks great!

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