Otherkin and Psychic Vampires

Well, I’ve been doing some research for a story that I’m working on. Set of stories actually. Been thinking about including modern mythology into them. Namely Otherkin and Psychic Vampires.

The stuff you find on the web about Psychic Vampires is pretty detailed and you’ve got everything from those who are very adamant in their beliefs about it to the idea that it is a very real psychological condition. I have also had a friend who was a psychic vampire, well I guess she still is. Can one get over being a psychic vampire?

Otherkin are a different matter entirely. I’m finding it difficult to find any real concrete information on the subject. Lots of the websites are down, and I’ve yet to be able to get into any of the more legitimate mailing lists to talk to otherkin.

Maybe it’s because I’m an outsider, or something. I seriously mean no disrespect to the otherkin community. Generally speaking I’ve not had any trouble getting people of various communities like this to talk to me. I of course have my opinions but I am generally interested in just listening and not sharing my very opinionated views in a manner that’s offensive.

I suppose I would record the stories, and possibly use pieces of them in my stories but I’m really looking for concepts rather then to rip someone’s identity off and profit from it. I say profit, I write mostly for my own enjoyment. I’m not sure that I’d ever be published, still I have more respect for people.

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