OfficeJet 100 Mobile Printers

We recently added a bevy of mobile users to our company, and they’ve presented us with some unique needs. One of those needs was a bit unexpected. Our users needed to print in the field. I’ve always been a big opponent to mobile printing, it’s typically a waste of money in my mind. But we needed it, so we got some HP OfficeJet 100‘s. They’re actually pretty cool.

One thing I really like is they come with a battery in the package, it’s not an extra you have to buy separately. I don’t know how long it lasts, but for our people if they can print ten to fifteen pages it’s long enough.

I do like how well these things fold up. Everything is held in place by sturdy clips or magnets so none of the flaps will randomly flop open. It will also automatically open the paper exit door if you forget to when you start printing.

They print a bit slow. Also I will have to manually install the printer drivers on each laptop. This is due to our domain’s group policy and HP’s uniquely creative software installer.

They also have Bluetooth which is really cool if your laptop has this already internally. Personally I think you should always buy a laptop with Bluetooth technology, or at least spend the $20 for a USB dongle. It will really cut down what you actually have to plug into the limited USB ports. Mice, printers and cell phones can all be connected automatically with no wires and even if you just have the dongle, you’ve only got one USB port used.

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