Nothing New With Blizzard

It seems Blizzard has put off releasing the expansion for World of Warcraft until January. It was set to be released on November 22nd (which was really convenient considering my birthday is the day before), at least according to You can read IGN’s very brief article here. Unfortunately, this isn’t anything really new with Blizzard. They are notorious for doing this very thing with their games. Anyone remember Diablo II? They delayed it for what? Two years? Then when it finally came out it was two or three weeks before you could get a copy because they all sold out practically before their boxes actually came in contact with the shelves they sat on.

I hope this isn’t a marketing tactic. It is clever if it is, but unfortunately it’s nothing new to Blizzard. They claim they are just polishing things up but I can guarantee you these things will happen when the game is released.

  1. There will be considerable lag on practically all servers if many aren’t in fact down for the day.
  2. There will be a huge patch, probably in the 100 – 250 megabyte range if not bigger.
  3. Within one week of the expansion being released there will be yet another, albeit smaller, patch to fix the dozens of bugs that they didn’t catch during testing. It will likely screw things up worse then they were before, requiring a ‘ mini-patch’ a few days later to fix whatever catastrophe the last once caused.
  4. There will be at least one well intentioned but annoying if not completely debilitating feature added to the game within a month.
  5. The day it released there will be an obscene amount of blood elves on every server and the dranei racial city will be largely deserted.
  6. Within minutes of being able to log in you’ll see naked, floating corpses of female blood elves at the Ironforge city gates. Outside the Ironforge Auctionhouse you’ll run into a floating male blood elf’s butt every time you exit. Said levitating corpses will remain there for weeks.

According to the release date is “January 30th”. In my experience that usually means that there isn’t a concrete release date. Usually though it’s a middle of the month thing. I’m speculating on either the 17th or the 24th, right after the usual Tuesday updates, which by the way will take all freaking day.

Of course I don’t actually believe they’ll stick to the January release date. Most software companies don’t set deadlines.

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