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Bought a new computer Monday, well I should say the parts for a new computer. I got an Asus Board, and a Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 ghz processor. I assembled it right after it got here, it was a snap.

I have really taken a liking to the Rosewill company. I bought a couple of Rosewill power supplies a while back for my mom’s computer and mine. They work extremely well, and run quiet and are so affordable I could afford for one to go out and get another. $14 for a 350w power supply is a really good deal. They have all sorts of connections and stuff for them too. They come with SATA power. Sadly I had to use an adaptor for one, but I could plug in my hard drive directly. My DVD burner just had to have the adapter.

I got a Rosewill case too, I expected it to be flimsy but it is actually very stout, and is a screwless type. I’ve used screwless cases before and they are by far the best way to go in my opinion, everything just slips out and you can put it back in without using screws at all. It also has an accessory box inside where you can store the rails, extra screws, adapters, and so forth. My only problem is it is huge, but it does have two fans, too bad my motherboard can only power one.

I went SATA with everything this time instead of going my normal EIDE route.  I’m a big EIDE fan. I don’t like sports but I do like peripheral connection technology. Go figure.

Anyway, got a long drive tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

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