Muse, D&D Stuff, and I need a new notepad.

That Muse thing that MSN Messenger has actually got a lot of its stuff together now. It has a nice word of the day feature, and a thought of the day feature that actually works now. I kind of like it though I don’t particularly want to write about the Koran or US Imigration policy. I’ve read a portion of the first and, meh, it isn’t that well written or the translation is screwed up. The second depends on my current job status and income stability so, yeah, not good topics.

I’ve acheived my second or third “legitimate” Total Party Kill in the last couple weeks. All due to my careful planning, and not any stupidity on their part, so I feel pretty good about it. So I’m on the third party we’ve had in Ebberon and I’m liking the setting pretty well. I’m going to get a few supplimental books for it so I can cut down on my work every week.

I’m hoping to get this library job I had an interview for, and it’ll involve quite a few twelve hour days so I wont have near as much time for recreation as I do now, but that’s cool. I can really get into the job. Training people to use software, that’s something I’ve been doing for about ten years now and pretty regularly. But anyway, I have high hopes, but I’m not counting my chickens yet.

I need a new notebook, not a notebook computer, but an actual paper notebook. I don’t want just a seventy page spiral bound one either. I’ve been ‘recycling’ my old ones by tearing the pages out. I should really scan some of them because I’ve got a box full of old stories I wrote that’s just taking up a lot of space. So I’m gonna go to Wal-Mart tonight and see if I can find one of those five-star three subject ones. Has anyone seen anything that’s better then those?

Has anyone seen a cheap flatbed scanner with a page feeder on it?

I’ve been mulling over story ideas in my head. Been kind of discouraged because everything I’ve thought of or started so far has been too heavily inspired by someone else’s work, too ‘classical fantasy’, or just downright boring. I’ve had some good ideas in the past that I’ve finished, but I didn’t really have the skill that I have now either so I’m not as proud of them now as I was when I was fourteen.

I finally got a copy of “Perdido Street Station” by China Mieville, (which I’ve been wanting for quite some time) and that’s what really spurred a lot of this mulling on. The writing is coarse and vulgar but it carries the grimy, dirty feel of the setting with it very well. I’m less then a hundred pages in and I already feel like I know the protagonists. That’s somewhat rare in fantasy books these days. I got done reading “Gideon’s Dawn” and felt like I really didn’t know any of the characters at all by the time it was done. What really gets me about Perdido is that it’s such a vastly different take on fantasy in general that it’s almost hard to classify it as such. It’s nothing like Tolkein or Lewis at all, which I find admirable, but it’s still British in thought.

It’s also so out there that I had to ask if I was actually reading something the author saw in an acid trip or something. It is a real head trip so far and I don’t see that letting up any time in the book at all.

As I was reading the second chapter I kept thinking, “Yeah this is the kind of stuffI want to write!”

Anyway, ’til next time…

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