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I recently found out about Marvel’s Digital Comics subscription service.
They’ve got a lot of their classic comics on the web now and you can
read them for ten bucks a month, or sixty dollars a year. They’ve got
everything from comics published in the early sixties, maybe even
before, to some stuff that was just released last year.

Unfortunately they don’t have a lot of the comics I’ve been wanting to
read online. I’ve been wanting to check out The Eternals, and basically
anything at all with the Celestials and other really powerful beings in
the Marvel Universe. That stuff fascinates me to no end.

I start a new job the tomorrow as a phone tech support operator for a
local ISP. I’ll be level two support which I guess means that I’m the
specialist that you get referred to when the initial tech support guy
doesn’t know what’s wrong. I’m just a little intimidated by the
prospect, but it isn’t so much PC support as internet connection support
which I can do. I’ve never met a problem with a computer that I couldn’t
fix, or find a fix for.

I now consider myself proficient with two types of operating system now.
I’m comfortable with Linux using the command line, the GNOME desktop and
the KDE desktop. I don’t know everything about the command line but I
have a really firm grasp of how it all works. I think the biggest hurdle
was forcing myself to use forward slashes instead of backslashes. Most
commands are two letters instead of spelling the word out too. Other
then that it isn’t too terribly different from DOS.

Sadly a full time day job will leave me with less time to pursue
hobbies, but I’m hoping to have a weekday off even if that means I need
to work on Saturdays every week. The great thing is, I won’t have to be
so dependant on Onforce for the time being.

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