Lubrication of Ovis Orientalis

I got a bento box from Japan today, won it on eBay. The brand name is
called “Lube Sheep”. I find that extremely funny. The implications are
hilarious. I just wonder how they came up with the name in the first
place and what it was supposed to mean. Was it meant to appeal to a
Scottish market? Or is it just possible that the phrase “lube sheep” is
just funny or cute sounding and whoever came up with it had no idea what
it might imply to a western market. Or maybe they did and it’s all a
clever marketing ploy. You’re walking around in a dollar store and you
see something that says, “Lube Sheep Brand Lunch Boxes and Mayonnaise
Cups”. Well I mean I’d buy it just for the hilarity of it all.

It is a neat lunch box even if it does have a funny brand name. I took a
few pictures.

It has this cool bag that it comes in. Yes that is Stash tea in the

It all fits neatly inside, there’s a little pouch on the side for the
soy sauce bottles.

Some chopsticks, fork, spoon and the bento box itself. Pretty cool.

Official Slick Bovine gear. The “Liberty” Logo is why I bought it.

Anyway for my very first bento tonight I’m taking store bought shrimp
eggrolls, fresh tomato slices, hot wings, and possibly some cereal or
orange slices if I can find some around here. Maybe some cheetos if I
can’t. Also going to take some chai green tea in a thermos.

Here’s hoping for a quiet night at work! Tech support jobs can be such a




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