Linux Server

Well I set up my very first ‘real server’ yesterday. Still haven’t
figure out how to use it with my existing computers though. I’m using
the 64 bit Ubuntu Server on a PC with 1 gig RAM and a Celeron processor.
I figure for home use that should be plenty of machine to run tests on.
I’d love to get my hands on a regular rack mounted server though.

I’m interested in using the mail server, mySQL, web server, and
application server for development purposes. I figure I can write a
database in mySQL, and PHP, Java, and Windows front ends for it
(although I could probably tweak the Java front end for Windows use, or
use Applets). Then use the mail servers for messaging and such
internally. Then when if I can get a company to buy it I can try to sell
them on the idea of two servers one for the web and mail aspect, and one
for the actual data and file serving. Though most of my clients could
probably get away with using one machine with a dual core processor to
handle all that.

I think I want to use the 64 bit server because a lot of processors
these days are 64 bit processors, and it seems stupid to waste over half
a computer’s processing power on 32 bit software. Plus I can build stand
alone servers for people and make a little extra money that way.

So hopefully there are tutorials out there for Ubuntu Server.

Does anyone know of any good caller ID software for Linux? I’m looking
for some hardware that will hook up to a phone system and sync with
software. One of my clients has such a box for his Windows software, but
I haven’t found anything for Linux yet. This is a serial port box, but
I’d like a USB set up if possible as most laptops don’t have serial
ports anymore and sometimes my clients need to use a laptop as a backup

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