Lamentation for the RPG

It’s been a good long while since I’ve played a decent RPG video game. I’m really kind of missing it.

I just finished Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 and it was pretty good. I did it with minimal cheating too. It’s not that I really NEEDED to cheat but I hate dying ninety times on some of the bosses, only to start over just outside their room and sit through a 2 minute dialogue session and try to remember what choices I made.

It’s a fun game, and if you have the specs to run it I highly suggest you get Knights of the Old Republic 1 too and play it first. It’s a far better game with a much more intriguing and somewhat longer storyline. Knights 2 is shorter, and while the storyline is really neat I was somewhat irritated by all the references to Revan (the main character in Knights 1). It seemed like it was teasing too much and leaving far too many things open and relying too heavily on the story in the first game without connecting it too much.

The game left me craving more though. I searched shortly after finishing the game for “Old Republic” novels. I know there are a few and I am really interested in the setting. To me it’s a much more intriguing era then the “New Jedi Order” storyline that most of them are written in. I guess it’s because you already know what’s going to happen but it’ll be so far in the future whatever happens in the Old Republic may not affect the “current Republic” in the slightest.

I did find a few but honestly it would be cool to see some Revan stories and continue the characters from the games adventures in the ‘dark places’. I hear that’s kinda what is in the works over at Obsidian right now, a continuation of the story.

Revan kicked nine kinds of butt, I seriously want her as a party member. The Exile was ok too, just not as badass.

The biggest problem I have with the game is that, though it does encourage a lot of replay (the game is different if you play not only lightside/darkside but male/female too. There’s four basic variations I’m told from the guides), it’d be nice if you could skip the whole Paragus thing if you’ve beat it once. It takes so long, it’s worse then Tarus in the first game.

I’m hoping to get Final Fantasy 3 for my birthday. It looks really great and I’m literally going to start praying they remake the older Final Fantasy games for the Nintendo DS. I’d like to collect them again like that since I don’t play console games anymore and really don’t have the time to hook the old Playstation/Super Nintendo back up to play ’em (Much less the hundreds of dollars it would take to buy a PS2 and the FF games for it). I’d love to play FFX, anyone got a functional PS2 and FFX, FFX-2, and so forth they’d let me just have? Hahaha.

Heck I’d take the games, a control pad and a decent emulator.

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