July 4th, First Postings

I’ve used WordPress before on my Amahi server at home. I like it pretty well. Mostly I use it for media content for my running BESM game. Haven’t played that in a few weeks but I keep updating it.

So the fourth was pretty uneventful at least for me. My brother and I sat out on the back porch and threw small exploding things all over the yard, generally annoyed the dog. This was all under cover of the neighbors not so small exploding things that sent up flares to signal their location. If you aren’t aware shooting off fireworks in Amarillo is pretty illegal. The cops have been known to give out tickets, supposedly. Kind of hard to do that when everyone is breaking the law all at once. Good old American defiance there I guess. I tend to think most of the policement don’t really care unless you set something on fire or are making a huge nuisance of yourself, or worse yet your cranky neighbors complain.

Just finished season two of Naruto, love it a lot. Been renting it from Hastings for the last few weeks but decided to buy the entire second season off iTunes. Decided that’s a really expensive hobby. At four volumes a season that runs up a bill of about $100 since each volume is approximately $25 each. It’s worth it but it is like $8 to rent most of a volume, sure it’s edited more but the differences are not that much. If you haven’t watched Naruto and you’re a fan of anime, or just cartoons in general you ought to at least watch the first sixteen episodes. It’ll grow on you.

Naruto Shippuden is even more awesome in general. Can watch the first four seasons or so on Hulu.com. If you can’t tell I’m a pretty big fan. Wish this was on the air when I was a kid instead of discovering it when I’m twenty seven. Oh well.

What I don’t get is why after the following accomplishments Naruto hasn’t become a Chonin:

  1. Taking on the sand spirit inside Gaara, winning, and living to talk about it.
  2. Beating one of the best, if not the best Gennin to come out of the Leaf Village in decades, Neji Hyuga.
  3. Mastering the following Jutso: Multi Shadow Clone, Rasengan, Substitution, Transformation, and others.
  4. Kicking the ever loving crap out of several Rain Village Ninjas, on multiple occasions.
  5. Getting a bridge named after himself.
  6. Inspiring droves of ninja in a way that generally only heads of state can.
  7. Generally figuring out how to overcome nearly anything in his path, or that threatens his friends.
  8. Not even blinking when trying to take on Orochimaru himself.
  9. Training under one of the Sannin
  10. Basically taking out a guy who had a better shot at destroying the Leaf Village than Orochimaru.

A lot of power there, and the ability to apply it creatively to his problems, and yet in Shippuden he is not even a Chonin yet. Kind of an odd deal. Generally speaking the people he beats seem to be promoted over him. It’s kind of akin to a Private in the Marine Corps going out, conquering all of Asia in the name of the United States of America and coming back and not getting even a promotion. Story devices I guess?

Well much work tomorrow!

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  1. I’ve forgotten who it was but I first found out about your site from a link posted on Facebook.. I actually like the stuff I’ve read on your website and plan to keep reading when I find more time. Do you have a Facebook account? I fancy the way you write and I’m going to subscribe to read more when I can.

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