Interesting Happenstance

It’s been an interesting weekend. Well as interesting as things get honestly. I worked on getting a few things cleaned up for the project I’m on. Found a few problems, no big deal really, but I had to work eight hours on a Saturday. First time in ages I’ve had to do that. Found over a hundred machines that didn’t get recorded, so that’s great. I’m used to emergency calls that take an hour tops on the weekend.  Not putting in an all day work day. Too bad I didn’t have any overtime.

So I see that I missed the Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass release. I was really hoping to get that on release day, but seeing as how I didn’t know the release day it wasn’t surprising. You can get a pretty cool feather stylus from Nintendo when you buy the game too. It’s pretty cool I think. I was going to buy the game anyway, but that stylus is just cool. has the information. Doesn’t look to be a ‘while supplies last’ thing either. Send in proof, they send you a stylus!

Transformers comes out on DVD tomorrow, my brother wants the collectors edition pretty bad so he’s taking my mom. Kinda funny, my brother will be twenty in two months exactly. I’m sure he could just go to Best Buy or some place and get the collectors edition without my mom being present. I guess that’s the deal wal-mart made, I don’t know. He listens to the radio more then I do but he’s prone to get things wrong a lot.


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