The Hunger Games – Post 1 – The Pre-Reviewing

Tomorrow my sister is taking me and other members of the family to see the first Hunger Games movie. The Twilight Saga isn’t even done with yet and they’ve got a new teenage girl movie ready to go. I’m not certain the author intended this for teenage girls, but that’s the buzz I’ve heard.

Now I collect book recommendations from friends and coworkers and this trilogy has come up a lot. About two-thirds of everyone that I talk to say that the books are awesome. The other third don’t think they’re very good. This doesn’t matter much as I usually base a lot of what I pick to read on the opinions of my siblings. They’ve both read this and are recommending it highly.

This worries me.

A lot.

My brother has a really great imagination and his brain can’t tolerate anything that isn’t awesome. This is an enviable state as he can read the worst garbage imaginable and like it. It’s not that he has bad taste. It’s just that his brain can’t accept non-awesome literature so it rewrites it in his mind as he reads. He will then tell me his version of what went on in the book and it’s usually better than the real story. So he sells me on it, and I end up being terribly disappointed most of the time. I’ve had him read stuff and tell me his version because I know it will be more entertaining.

My sister(s) on the other hand is(are) a little more even-handed in her(their) taste in books. She likes these books but her taste tends to lean toward teenage girl fiction and sometimes more grown up romantic type stuff. She likes Twilight, anything by Nicholas Sparks, the Anita Blake novels and so forth. Now while the Anita Blake stuff was awesome, I couldn’t really continue reading them after about book six. My sister is on book ninety-four now or something like that. I think they’ve got were-chickens and half vampire zombie fey now.

So what I have here is a┬ádilemma. On the one hand my brother probably remembers them being incredibly fulfilling novels and great on many levels. That’s why he’s recommending them. Something tells me I’d enjoy his interpretation more.

My sister(s) is(are) recommending them because she(they) think it’s a good story. The issue here is, she also really liked Twilight and people keep saying, “THIS IS THE NEXT TWILIGHT!” like it’s a good thing. I fear for my sanity a little.

Now they both think that I will fly through reading this book as it is relatively short, engaging, and I can devour books like pizza. My brother read it in two days, he thinks I can read it before we go see the movie on the 24th. I’m going to take him up on this challenge. If he can read it in two days, he’s pretty sure I can finish it in a few hours.

I’ve borrowed the book from Amazon and I will be doing a speed read over the weekend.

I hope I survive.

I’ve got an Edgar Rice Burroughs book on standby if I need medical care.


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  1. While I agree that your brothers versions are highly more entertaining I must say that these books has a little something for everyone. I read these before they were popular and I really enjoyed them!! I love to read so if you have any suggestions!

    1. My recommendation is the Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson. Read it, you will not be disappointed.

      I will say that I’m about 2/3 through the book right now. It’s not bad so far. Definitely not boring. I’ll post a review after I see the movie.

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