Happy New Year

Well it’s 2008. I’ve made my resolutions already. Some definite prayer time
will be needed to keep them I think.

I’ve been reading the Anita Blake series of books since November, I’ve gone
through the first several, “Guilty Pleasures”, “Lunatic Cafe”, “Circus of the
Damned” and “The Laughing Corpse”. I’m finding them to be entertaining, even
if they all seem to follow the same formula so far. I actually do like how
she uses some phrases over and over, though I think in “Lunatic Cafe” she got
away from her formula and repetitive phrases a lot. The repetition is
comfortable, and I think it has a lot to do with why the books are so easy to
follow. I usually average about three fourths of a book per week. Easy reads,
but at a few dozen pages a day it takes a while to get through a 300-400 page

I have to say that I am becoming a fan of Laurell K. Hamilton. These are
definitely not books I would have picked for myself though. A friend gave me
the entire set, plus some of her non-Blake books, as well as some Anne Rice,
and some other vampire novel writer. I’d always heard these books had a lot
of sex in them, but they honestly don’t. Your normal television drama series
generally has more then these books. The main character is actually chaste up
to this point, and I just started on Bloody Bones. She’s said several times
she’s saving sex for marriage.

I’m told the non-Blake books are a lot less tame though. I probably won’t be
reading them. Of course my definition of “racy” may be different from other
people’s. It’s also possible these books were written more for women, so a
lot of it may be lost on me.

I’ve got a few projects I’m almost done with, I just haven’t finished them.
I’m pretty determined to get them finished in the next couple months. I’ve
got this backup program almost completed functionality wise, just have to
rewrite the compression code. I’ll be using third party stuff for it instead
of the GZIP algorithm that comes with .NET. It just can’t handle large files
very well, it froze a data server up on the test run, and I can’t find anyone
that can sufficiently explain to me how to.

I’ve also started a database program for a client based business. Mainly with
Bail Bonds in mind, but it would work equally well with insurance agencies,
and many services where the clients are a bigger deal then the actual product
being delivered. Law firms and such might benefit from it too. I’ll probably
be using it in my own computer repair business as well to keep track of what
I’ve done for people easier.

Gaming wise I’ve begun the initial phase of a colonization based D&D campaign.
It should be fun to run, but I’ve only got two players right now. Not sure if
it’ll work.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Hopefully I can keep up with my more or less daily

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