GM Encounters and Perdido Street Station

Interesting experience in WoW last night. Was messing around in Southshore on my Night Elf warrior and the town of course got raided. What was interesting this time was that the Horde didn’t just out and out raid, they punched through to the middle of town and hopped up on the roof of the inn, using the mail box. I saw one do it and followed them up only to find out that they were level sixty five to seventy, and of course my warrior is only thirty one at present time.

There’s apparently some “terrain glitching” concerns with this. Of course I don’t see the harm, anyone can do the same thing, just jump up on the mail box and hit the ledge of the roof just right and you find yourself up on top pretty easy. I kept trying to convince the higher level people who came to kill them to do the same thing. They wouldn’t, bunch of idiots. One did, smacked the horde around pretty hard and then jumped off. It was pretty fun but about half an hour later or so a GM intervened. I did get some screenshots, sadly not of someone jumping up there. Kind of an odd view I think:

The GM made me get down. I don’t exactly understand why it was a policy violation on my part. The character is Alliance and it isn’t hard to get up there, anyone could have and kicked ’em off several times. They were exploiting a light of site issue, but all anyone had to do was jump up and kick ’em off. Oh well.

Finished “Perdido Street Station” by China Mieville a few days ago. I really enjoyed it. It’s not traditional fantasy at all, it’s ‘steampunk’. For the uninitiated, ‘steampunk’ is basically a Victorian style setting with highly advanced steam technology replacing modern electronics. Steam computers, robots, and that sort of thing are all involved. Of course there was magic too but it played a very minor role. The book would really appeal to most gamers I think. Mr. Mieville is or was a gamer himself and it’s fairly obvious that part of his life heavily influenced the book. A party of adventurers actually helps the hero out near the end of the book.

I really like how the characters never really adjust to the situations either. They can just barely handle what’s going on. Derkhan seems to get into it a lot more then Isaac in some places though. It doesn’t really end well either, which again is cool because extreme circumstances like that rarely end well for those involved. Isaac and Derkhan both end up losing an ear and a good friend’s mind gets nearly destroyed by the end. I’ve gotta say it’s now one of my favorite books and I’m thinking of getting “The Scar” next.

I gotta say though, the book really isn’t for someone easily offended. The language is extremely vulgar throughout the book.

Waiting for a copy of “The Faerie Queene” right now, not usually into poetry but I figured I’d give a classic a shot…..

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