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I went and saw Dredd the weekend it came out and absolutely loved it. I’m usually really critical about movies but this one entertained me enough I didn’t bother poking holes in it.

I didn’t even recognize Lena Headey as Ma-Ma until the end of the movie when the credits rolled. She was the least sympathetic villain I’ve seen in a movie in a long time.

Karl Urban made a pretty good Dredd from what little I know about the comics. He didn’t sympathize with the criminals but was lenient when the law allowed him to be. Dredd came across as very intimidating and merciless, like he should be.

They made great use of slow motion in this movie and I bet it must have looked amazing in 3D but since 3D gives me a headache I just watched the normal version.

If you saw Judge Dredd back in the 90’s, just forget that movie ever existed and go watch this one. I have no idea how it stands up to the source material but it does a good job on its own. It left me wanting a sequel before the movie was anywhere close to over. The movie did a great job at showing how this was a much bigger world and was only letting you see a very small part of it.

I also wanted to go pick up a few old copies of 2000AD to read some of the older stories. I found out that they weren’t really published here in the US but some trade paperbacks were available.

Definitely getting this one on Blu-Ray when it comes out.

Here’s a few links to some of the comics reprinted for US consumption:

Book Cover

Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files 01

Book Cover

Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files 02

Book Cover

Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files 03

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