Diablo 3 Beta Weekend!

I saw a week or two ago that Blizzard was stress testing their Diablo 3 servers this weekend to make sure the multiplayer will work on release day. I think this is a cool idea considering Blizzard’s track record of not releasing games when they say they will.

I’m making a prediction today (04/21/2012) that the stress testing will fail and Blizzard will push back the release date to my previously predicted but not posted online date of last quarter 2057. I could be wrong on this as I predicted Duke Nukem Forever would come out in 2056. We all know Gearbox managed to get it out in July of 2011, though I hear it sucked.

Anyway, I could be wrong but I think this Beta is just a staged excuse to release Diablo 3 later because something is wrong with it. Remember, World of Warcraft was in beta hell forever.

NOTE: The Amazon link below said release date May 15, 2012 when I posted this.

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